Major Update

A major update has recently been done on mLaw. mLaw is now no longer just a legal records management software but can handle any physical filing automation task.

Some of the files that could be automated are student files, prosecution files, land files, police files etc.

It includes:

  • Cutting down the number of links visible on the home page.
  • Refactoring the data layer to remove duplications. For example instead of 4 event types, there is now only one event type that applies to all matters – court cases, conveyances etc.
  • The legal opinion was removed as an independent matter. It now exists as an attachment type. This means that it is possible to submit a legal opinion as work done for any matter.
  • There is now a general matter – which acts as a representation for any physical file.
  • It is now possible to declare the required documents (annexes) for all matters instead of only conveyances. This is done using the matter type. It would be possible to declare a different set of documents for a civil court case, a criminal one, a car conveyance, a land conveyance etc.
  • When specifying a new required document for a matter, it is now possible to say whether that document needs to be approved when it is submitted.
  • It is now possible to track who is in possession of a physical file using the assignment feature.

Advantages of an online server

A server is meant to be hosted in a special facility.
A datacenter is temperature controlled, physically secure, with fire detection, backup power, redundant network connections, air conditioned etc.

A server is a special computer with built-in redundancy.
Servers feature two sets of power supply, several sets of hard disks, multiple network connections.

The optimum value of the software is realised when the software is available 24/7 from any location – home, office, courtroom

A dedicated server gives the best performance as the installation avoids unnecessary software installations and running processes.

Additional compatible software can be installed in the server at little or no additional running cost

Automated off-site backups are available when the server is online and will survive office document losses.

mLaw feature update

In the past several weeks, several new features have been introduced into mLaw. These are

  • 2 additional legal matters – Legal Opinions and Contracts – One can now create and maintain legal opinions and contracts
  •  Client fees is now separated from the matter information and is created via a separate transactional document
  • It is now possible to submit work for any matter via a separate transactional document that allows accurate measurement of time for billing and supervisory purposes